How to use Events

Now that you have Events set up or are using the Events pre-loaded in the system, how do you use them? In this article:

How to track Events in the Dashboard

Add dashcards to your Dashboard for easy monitoring of any Event

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard from the left navigation
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the three dots
  3. Select Add a Card
  4. Click on Events
  5. Customize your card: 
    1. Click on the name to change the card name
    2. Adjust the size of the card. It will show in the preview to the right. 
    3. Click the toggle by Add to other dashboards to add this card to all of your dashboards
  6. When done, click the purple Save button
  7. In the Events card, select your Event from the dropdown in the upper left corner
  8. Drag and drop the new Event card anywhere in your Dashboard
  9. Repeat to monitor more than one Event at once

How to filter by Events in the Visitors’ Table

Filter your Visitors' Table by Events for easy sorting and analysis

  1. Navigate to Visitors from the left navigation
  2. Click on Filter, shown to the right above the Visitors’ table
  3. In the filter drawer that shows on the right, scroll to the bottom to click on Events
    1. Click on Event Name to select from system Events
    2. Click on Custom Event Data to select from your custom events
  4. When finished, click the purple Done button to close the filter drawer or click the gray Save Segment button to save the segment for later
    1. Enter an internal name for the segment. We recommended a specific name for easier use and search. 
    2. Decide the visibility
      1. Everyone: The segment will show to everyone on your team
      2. Personal: The segment will be visible only to you
    3. Click the purple Save button

How to see Key Events in Visitor Profiles

See which Key Events were triggered in each session in Visitor Profiles

  1. Navigate to Visitors from the left navigation
  2. Filter as desired, described above
  3. Click on Profile
    1. From the Visitors’ Table:
      1. Find the desired visitor
      2. Click on the gray Profile button to the right of the visitor’s row
    2. From a Session Recording or Live View: 
      1. Click on the three dots at the top of the Session Drawer located near the visitor’s name or unique identifier on the right hand side of the page
      2. Select View Profile
  4. Under Session Details, you will find Key Events listed

How to use Events to trigger Surveys, Announcements and Chat Invites

Set up your Survey, Announcement or Chat Invite to deploy based on specific Events

  1. Navigate to Communicate from the left navigation
  2. Begin creating your Survey, Announcement or Chat Invite
  3. Proceed through Step 1, which is creating the question (Survey), content (Announcements) or setup (Chat Invites)
  4. In Step 2: Trigger, select Advanced. By default, it will be set on Simple.
  5. Select Event from the rule dropdown
  6. Click on the desired Event from the dropdown list. Key Events will be shown in color. 
  7. Repeat with AND or OR rules for additional segments or rules
    1. AND: A visitor completes both/all rules. For example, the Survey, Announcement or Chat Invite would only show to anyone who was raging clicking AND came from Facebook. 
    2. OR: A visitor completes any of the set rules. For example, the Survey, Announcement or Chat Invite would show to anyone who was raging clicking or came from Facebook, regardless of whether they occurred together. 
  8. Proceed through the setup process

How to use Events in Funnels

Create a Funnel based on Events

  1. Navigate to Analytics from the left navigation
  2. Click on Funnels 
  3. Select the purple New Funnel button
  4. Give your Funnel an internal name
  5. Define at least two Funnel steps. To Define by Event, 
    1. Click on the dropdown to see a list of your Events. 
    2. Select one from the list.
  6. Add additional steps as necessary
  7. Select the purple Done button when finished

Click here to learn more about Funnels.