How to place your tracking code: Standard copy & paste

To start tracking visitor behavior and better understanding what visitors experience on your website, you’ll need to add a snippet of JavaScript-based tracking code to your website. This guide is for standard installation. If your website uses a platform such as Shopify, HubSpot or BigCommerce, check out our full list of installation guides here. 

Note: We recommend adding your tracking code to your website from a desktop computer rather than a tablet or mobile device. To manually install Lucky Orange on your website:

  1. Copy your tracking code
  2. Find your website’s source file that contains the <head> section for your site. 
  3. Paste your tracking code into your page’s source file just before the closing </head> tag. This is the optimal placement for the code. 

Will I need to post the tracking code on all pages?

It depends on your website and overall design:

  • If your website re-uses a common file, such as a page template, you likely will only have to place the tracking code once. Since this file would be used for common content across your site, the tracking code wouldn’t need to be placed multiple times. 
  • If your website is static with hand-coded pages, you may have to paste the tracking code into the <head> of each page you want to track.