How to find your tracking code

In this help document, see where you can find your tracking code to install on your website. Your tracking code is displayed in the last step of onboarding for non-Shopify users, but it's also available from Overview and Settings should you need it again.

Note: Lucky Orange's Shopify integration takes care of the code placement for you, so you won't need to add it manually yourself. 


Note: The Install Lucky Orange Overview card will only show to Account Owners and Admins. 

  1. Click on Overview from the left navigation. This will be the default page that opens unless you have previously bookmarked another page in the app. 
  2. Copy the code that displays within the “Install Lucky Orange” card. You can select and copy via keyboard shortcut or mouse, or you can use the Copy button.


  1. Click Settings from the main navigation
  2. Select Sites; you should see a list of your sites on this account.
  3. Click See Details to open up the information drawer, including your tracking code. This will slide in from the right. 
  4. Under your tracking code, click Copy Snippet to copy the code to add to your site.