How to use Session Recordings

The new Lucky Orange brings new capabilities for Session Recordings, including identifying Events triggered by visitors, advanced visitor information and internal note capabilities. 

In this article:

Getting started

  • Who can see Session Recordings? All roles - Account Owner, Admin, Creator and Member - can access, filter and view Session recordings. 
  • Where to find Session Recordings? Navigate to Visitors from the left navigation 
  • What is a Magenta Banana or an Aqua Mango? These are unique identifiers to help better identify anonymous visitors to your website before we know their name. Click here to learn more. 

How to search for or filter Session Recordings

  1. To search:
    1. Enter or paste a search term into the search field. This can include a name, a unique identifier, an IP address or a location (to name a few). 
    2. Results will display automatically
    3. To remove the search term, click on the X by the search term in Navy located in the upper left corner under Visitors and results
  2. To filter: 
    1. Click the Filter button
    2. Select one or more filters
      1. Visited page: Select from your most visited URLs or search for a specific URL
      2. Exit page: The last page the visitor was on before leaving
      3. Landing page: The first page the visitor was on when they came to your website
      4. Visit number: How many times a visitor has come to your website
      5. Source: How the visitor found your website
      6. Browser:  What browsers your visitors have used to visit your website
      7. Operating system: What operating systems your visitors have used to visit your website
      8. Device: Choose from Desktop, Mobile or Tablet
      9. UTM: Use your campaign UTM parameters
      10. Current Page: What page the visitor is currently viewing
      11. Online status: If the visitor is online or has left your website
      12. Starred: Highlight visitors who have been starred in Chat conversations or directly from the Visitors’ Table
      13. Custom User Data: Filter by data you want to pass into the system
      14. Events: Filter by Events, whether added by you or automatically in the system 
    3. To save as a segment for later use, click the gray Save Segment button
    4. To close the Filter drawer without saving as a segment, click the purple Done button
  3. To adjust the date range: 
    1. Click on the date dropdown. This is found on the right side above the Visitors’ Table
    2. Select from the available options
      1. Today
      2. Yesterday
      3. Last 24 hours
      4. Last 7 days
      5. Last 30 days (all)
      6. This month
      7. This week
      8. Last week
    3. You can also select a custom date range by clicking Custom. Based on your data storage plan, you may be able to expand the date range beyond 30 days. Learn more here. 

How to watch a Session Recording

  • To watch a Session Recording: click the gray Watch icon located to the right of a visitor’s row in the Visitors’ Table. The Session Recording will display in the Session Viewer that will mimic the dimensions of the visitor’s device. If the button to Watch is green, the visitor is live on your site. Click here to read more about Live View. 
  • To pause a Session Recording: Click the play button below the Session Viewer 
  • To play a Session Recording: Click the pause button below the Session Viewer 
  • To watch in full screen: Click the open square below the Session Viewer 
  • To adjust the Playback speed: Click the Settings icon below the Session Viewer. Select from:
    • 1/2x: Slow down the Session speed. Will slow a 2 minute Session to 3 minutes. 
    • 1x: Watch at normal speed. Will show a 2 minute Session as its original length. 
    • 2x:  Watch at a slightly higher speed. Will condense a 2 minute Session to 60 seconds 
    • 5x: What at a moderately higher speed. Will condense a 2 minute Session to 24 seconds
    • 10x: Watch at the highest speed available. Will condense a 2 minute Session to 12 seconds
  • To adjust the autoplay: 
    • Click the Settings icon below the Session Viewer.
    • Select the checkbox to the right of Autoplay Next
  • To skip inactivity: 
    • Click the Settings icon below the Session Viewer.
    • Select the checkbox to the right of Skip Inactivity

How to use the timeline

Located to the right of the Session Viewer, the timeline shows the Events of the visitor in the order they appeared divided by pages visited. These can include Events such as Element Clicked, Product Viewed, Cart Item Added, Cart Viewed and Rage Clicked (to name a few). Learn more about setting up your own Events here. 

  • To open up the timeline drawer: By default, the timeline drawer will be opened. If it’s closed, click the drawer icon (shown on the left) in the upper right corner to open the timeline drawer
  • To jump to any event in the Session Recording: Click on the Event within the timeline

How to leave internal notes

To leave an internal note from an Event:

  1. Hover over an Event from the timeline
  2. Click on the three dots that show to the right
  3. Select Add Note; it will pause and timestamp the recording at the time the Event occurred
  4. Enter your note in the yellow field
  5. Select the paper airplane to add it to the Session Notes

To leave an internal note without an Event:

  1. Click on the Notes tab
  2. To set a timestamp, select the checkbox next to the faded time above the note field. In the Session Viewer play bar, drag the slider to a specific point  in the Session Recording.
  3. Enter your note in the yellow field
  4. Select the paper airplane to add it to the Session Notes

How to Chat from Session Recordings 

  1. Click on the Chat tab
  2. At the bottom of the drawer, enter in your Chat message
  3. Click the blue paper airplane to send your Chat to the visitor
  4. If the visitor is offline, they will be shown the Chat message when they return

You can find this Chat and others by clicking on the Chat icon in the upper left corner. It will also be available in the Visitor's Profile.

How to share a Session Recordings with a team mate

  1. Click on the three dots at the top of the Session Drawer
  2. Select Share Session
  3. Use the dropdown to select a team member or type in a team member's name 
  4. Repeat to add more team members
  5. Optional: Add a comment
  6. Click the purple Share button. The Session Recording will be sent via internal chat to the team mate(s). 

How to launch a Heatmap from a Session Recording

To launch a Heatmap from a Session Recoding, click the page title above the recording (circled in the image above). Then click Launch Heatmap. A heatmap from the page the Session Recording is showing will launch in a new tab. 

Why am I unable to view some of my Session Recordings?

 Our tracking code loads asynchronously to not impact site speed, meaning it doesn’t load on your site until the essential elements, such as your product pictures, navigation and CTAs, have loaded and are fully functional. This means that if your visitors landed on a page and left or navigated before the tracking code fully loaded, you will not be able to view their session.