How to make yourself available to Chat

Wait! Before you become available to Chat, have you completed our pre-chat checklist? 

Chat setup has been completed by an admin or account owner
Every team member has set up their profile, including uploading a profile picture
 The Chat Launcher, Office Hours and other pertinent Chat settings have been customized as needed

Note: The Chat Launcher needs to be set to active to start chatting. 

Now you’re officially ready to start chatting with visitors. Let’s flip the Chat availability switch.

To make yourself available for chat, you need to change your availability. 

  1. Navigate to your profile image in the upper right corner 
  2. Click the toggle next to “Available to Chat”

Repeat these steps to turn your availability on or off. 

Depending on how you toggle the button, a blue notification banner will appear at the top center of the app to alert you that you are either “available to accept visitor chats” or “no longer accepting visitor chats.”