FAQ: Does Lucky Orange slow down your website?

Lucky Orange is fully committed to transparency into how our technology affects your website load speed. Our code loads asynchronously, meaning it doesn’t load on your site until the essential elements such as your product pictures, navigation and CTAs have loaded and are fully functional. 

Some of our features, including Session Recordings and live visitor details, require that data is sent to our servers after the page fully loads to collect the data needed.  These requests are also asynchronous and sent in batches in the background. As a result, your page performance and customer experience continue to remain unaffected. 

In addition, Lucky Orange only loads the functionality that your Account Owner has enabled. If your account doesn’t have Chat enabled, Lucky Orange doesn’t waste resources by downloading the Chat module in your visitors’ browser. 

Yottaa report recognizes Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange’s code is one of the smallest file sizes in the industry, and this is recognized by Yottaa, an industry leader in analyzing website speed. Yottaa publishes an annual report on the impact of third party applications on website performance. 

In comparison with other conversion rate optimization tools, Lucky Orange has received the highest mark (green checkmark) for the fifth consecutive year, indicating our software has little to no performance impact on website speed.  Click here to see Yottaa’s report.

About website speed tests

Many tools, such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom, offer speed tests to evaluate the load time of a website. 

These speed tests and load time systems utilize ongoing pings to measure a website’s load time and identify apps that may be slowing it down. Because these load time tests send ongoing pings to complete the test, they can incorrectly show a significantly higher load time for Lucky Orange and not take into account that the Lucky Orange code is loaded asynchronously

This has no impact on the customer’s experience or the performance of your website.

False positives occur because Lucky Orange is constantly sending data once it loads to bring you the visitor behavior data used across our features. 

Our team continues to monitor and assess Lucky Orange and its impact on website speed. As mentioned above, loading the code asynchronously doesn’t block anything on a website from loading and shouldn’t cause any major performance issue.