How to share or save a Dynamic Heatmap

Whether you want to share the Dynamic Heatmap with a colleague or client or download it for your records, you can save the Dynamic Heatmap as a static image.

  1. To include an element-specific ranking:
    1. Hover over an element. If the element ranking doesn’t appear, press SHIFT on your keyboard to toggle page interactions
    2. Click on an element, which should now be highlighted in green
  2. To include the top 10 element highlight, click the Element icon in the middle of the top of the page to get a full list of your 10 elements
  3. Click the Screenshot button in the upper right corner of the Dynamic Heatmap
  4. In a few moments, a pop-up with a truncated version of the webpage will display
    1. Select the Open in new window button to see the screenshot of the full webpage to copy and paste it into a file or email
    2. Select the Download button to begin downloading the heatmap data of the full webpage

Note: Because it is being downloaded as a static image, interactive properties will no longer be available in the exported file.