How to use Keep Me Tracking

In this article we’ll discuss what Keep Me Tracking is, explain how it works and answer common questions.

What is Keep Me Tracking?

With Keep Me Tracking, your Lucky Orange account will be automatically upgraded to the next plan once your plan’s session limits have been met. As a result, you can still analyze, track and communicate with every person who visits your website - even if you hit your plan’s monthly session limit. 

Without Keep Me Tracking, your tracking will be paused if you surpass your monthly session limit until you upgrade or your billing cycle resets. 

How does Keep Me Tracking Work? 

By default, Keep Me Tracking is enabled when you create a new paid account. If you previously opted out of Keep Me Tracking, that won’t change (you will remain opted out) when you manually upgrade your account to a new plan. 

Once your monthly session limit has been reached, Keep Me Tracking automatically upgrades your current plan to the next plan at a prorated amount. 

Note: If you’re on the 300,000 sessions Scale plan, we’ll upgrade your plan to the intermediate tier at 500,000 sessions before you’re upgraded to the 700,000  sessions enterprise plan.

Starting base plan Plan upgraded through Keep Me Tracking
Build (5,000 sessions/month)  Grow (15,000 sessions/month)
Grow (15,000 sessions/month) Expand (45,000 sessions/month)
Expand (45,000 sessions//month) Expand (115,000 sessions/month)
Expand (115,000 sessions/month) Expand (155,000 sessions/month)
Expand (155,000 sessions/month) Scale (300,000 sessions/month)
Scale (300,000 sessions/month) Scale (500,000 sessions//month)
Scale (500,000 sessions/month) Enterprise (700,000 sessions/month)

Note: Keep Me Tracking isn’t available for our Enterprise plan once you reach 700,000 sessions per month. If you are currently using the Enterprise plan for your account and are in need of more than 700,000 monthly sessions, contact our support team for further assistance. Our team will customize your plan to meet your session needs. 

Will I be notified of the upgrade? 

The Account Owner will receive an email as soon as the upgrade is complete. It will let you know that the upgrade was made as well as the prorated charge. 

The Account Owner can access invoice by completing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select Plans & Billing
  3. Click on Invoices located under your payment method in the upper left side of your Plans & Billing page

Any change to your Lucky Orange account, including an auto-upgrade triggered by Keep Me Tracking, will generate an invoice that shows new charges. 

Can I change my plan after it’s been upgraded? 

Yes! You can downgrade or upgrade to a different plan at any time. To change your billing plan, the Account Owner should follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Click on Plan & Billing
  3. Select the Change Plan button located under your remaining session card
  4. A page will open with all of our plans listed. Select the downgraded or upgraded plan of your choice. You can also adjust the sessions for each plan.
  5. The next step will determine your billing method:
    1. If you’re on Shopify, click the Next: Confirm with Shopify button located on the right under the Plan Summary. This will take you into Shopify to finalize the plan change.  
    2. If you are moving from a paid plan to a different plan, click Submit to complete the transaction. Because your payment method is already on file, no additional steps will be needed. Once the payment has successfully been submitted, you’ll be returned to your Plan & Billing account information. 

The new downgraded cost will begin when your next payment is due.  

Important note:  If you are downgrading, keep in mind that once your session limit is met, you will be upgraded to the next plan as long as Keep Me Tracking is enabled. If Keep Me Tracking has been disabled, Lucky Orange will pause tracking on your site until the plan is upgraded or the monthly session limit has restarted. 

How do I turn Keep Me Tracking on or off?

The Account Owner can enable or disable Keep Me Tracking by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Click on Plan & Billing
  3. Toggle the switch by Keep Me Tracking, located the bottom right of the Plan & Billing page

The changes will be automatically saved. 

Can I use Keep Me Tracking if I’m using Shopify? 

The Keep Me Tracking feature isn’t available to Shopify users due to Shopify billing restrictions. Shopify users can manually update their Lucky Orange plan if more sessions are needed.