A look at the new Lucky Orange (video tour)

Businesses of all types use Lucky Orange to improve their websites and grow sales. Let's get started by taking a look at the Lucky Orange Dashboard

Chose what matters most to you with our customizable dashboard. See where people are coming from, your busiest times, what pages are trending and where people are dropping off. Select from 17 different visualizations , create additional dashboards and compare trends over time. 

Check out Visitors to see live and recorded customer sessions. Live view is a great tool to help you resolve people's issues before they abandon your site. Use the session drawer to see an organized timeline of important events. When an issue is identified, easily document it and collaborate with Notes

Interested in seeing a specific visitor's journey? View their Profile. Unknown visitors are assigned a helpful identifier for better recall. Here you can easily update their name, contact info, get session highlights and jump to a recording. 

Lucky Orange's industry leading Heatmap tool gives you a visual snapshot of clicks, moves and scrolls on your site. See what visitors are attracted to and what content isn't being seen. 

Dig deeper with Form Analytics and see which fields are causing visitors trouble. 

For analytics around conversions, check out Funnels. Follow visitors step-by-step, tracking sales and identifying where they are dropping off in your conversion process. 

If you want to help people while they're browsing your site, Lucky Orange Chat provides a versatile approach for handling real-time customer requests. Learn why customers are getting frustrated so you can turn a bad experience into a sale. 

Chat Activity displays simple reporting to track operator statistics and performance. 

Along with assisting customers, Lucky Orange empowers you to identify customer preferences and pain points with Surveys. Share important news and promote special offers with Announcements. And automate sales and support engagements with Chat Invites. 

This wraps up our quick tour of Lucky Orange. If you need help or more information, reach for the life raft.